Collaborative Research UK Network for Chiropractic

Collaborative Research UK Network for Chiropractic


The CRC provided funding for CRUNCh in May 2020. The study, led by UK chiropractic researcher Michelle Holmes, will explore the development and guide the launch of a UK Chiropractic Practice Based Research Network (PBRN). This will significantly develop UK chiropractic research capacity, enabling the collection of clinical data on a large scale, enhancing dissemination of research findings to the chiropractic community, and developing a network of like-minded chiropractic clinical researchers who will facilitate research studies.

The first phase of this project involves an investigation in how to best facilitate setting up a PBRN within the UK chiropractic profession, exploring views of practitioners, researchers, and stakeholders involved in setting up existing international PBRNs. The first phase of the research will underpin the development and launch of a Collaborative Research UK Network for Chiropractic (CRUNCh).

Whilst widely-used in other healthcare professions, this will be the first, and only chiropractic PBRN in the UK. In the future, CRUNCh could be used to conduct multinational chiropractic research studies, and to facilitate collaborative multidisciplinary research studies, collecting clinical data from a variety of clinical settings.


January 14, 2021