An invitation for funding applications was circulated at the end of 2014 and five applications were received. Applications were scrutinised by the CRC’s independent Scientific Committee and funding was awarded to two projects in June 2015.

Kent Stuber, Pete McCarthy

“Assessing patient centred care in patients with chronic health conditions

attending chiropractic practice: a mixed methods study”

Following a call for applications in 2014, funding was provided for a mixed-methods study investigating patient-centred care of patients with chronic conditions attending a chiropractic clinic.

“Patient-centred care” is defined by the World Health Organisation as an approach to healthcare that is organized around the health needs and expectations of people rather than diseases, i.e. the necessity to prioritise the needs of the patient above all else. Hence these studies, that found that a patient-centred approach was paramount in the management of chiropractic patients, supports the key aims and objectives of the CRC by improving the care that is delivered to our patients.

Data for the main study was collected during 2018 and 2019, gathering data from 885 patients at 20 participating clinics across Canada. Interviews were conducted with participating clinicians and focus groups of patients in order to gather important experiential evidence. The study is currently being written up, with an anticipated publication date of 2021.

Kent Stuber, an early career researcher and Canadian chiropractic clinician worked in collaboration with eminent UK and Canadian research colleagues, (Prof. Pete McCarthy, Prof. Silvano Mior) on these impactful studies.


The protocol for the mixed-methods study was published in Chiropractic and Manual Therapies in 2016 ( ahead of a pilot study, which was written up and published in the peer-reviewed journal Complementary Therapies in Medicine in 2018 (

An offshoot study, investigating patient-centred care amongst chiropractic students in international educational programmes was conducted and also published in Chiropractic and Manual Therapies in 2019 (


January 14, 2021