Chiropractic Academy for Research Leadership

£10k per annum 2019 – 2022

CARL is an international, grass-roots initiative aimed to support and mentor early and mid-career researchers, building chiropractic research capacity and enhancing evidence-base.


The CARL Program was established in 2016 by three senior research academics (Professor Jon Adams, Univerity of Technology, Australia; Professor Greg Kawchuk, University of Alberta, Canada, and Professor Jan Hartvigsen, University of Southern Denmark) who provide mentorship and support to the successful CARL Fellows.

The 3-year programme Program consists of an annual week-long residential course where Fellows undergo an intensive weeks’ training in research and leadership skills, problem-solving, career development and a number of workshops and presentations. In addition to this annual residential, the CARL Program enables the skilled early career research Fellows to provide ongoing support and mentorship for each other, develop a global research network, and to collaborate to develop high-quality evidence. Ultimately these activities are of benefit to the chiropractic profession and its patients, and enhances the profession’s credibility within the wider, international healthcare community.

Following on from the success of the first CARL initiative, CARL ll was launched in Autumn 2019, and the CRC were delighted to provide funding over 3 years. Whilst an international initiative, we were especially pleased to see that UK researchers Alex Breen, Michelle Holmes and Amy Miller were selected as CARL Fellows, and we wish them all the best in their research activities.